The Holbrook motorcycle sports club started a few years back. Our main aim was creating a place where motorcyclists and people sharing a passion for the same could get together. We provide potential members and participants with a place where they can enjoy Motocross racing, as well as a ton of different activities. All this while enjoying the company of people who share a passion for motorcycles and everything similar.

In order to make the operations of the club smooth we have a management team elected every year. This particular team has various members who take care of different aspects of the organization and activities hosted by us. Each of the members has a very special place and make sure that potential participants and members have a pleasant experience while they are connected to our motorcycle club.

The management is often selected by the members themselves. This allows people to build a stronger bond between them. Moreover, they even help promote Motocross as a sport all around the country. For this, the events organized by us are held in different parts of the country. This gives us an adequate amount of exposure as a sport as well as a club. Apart from this we even incorporate safety elements while making these promotional tours.


All this allows members and participants to enjoy Motocross or motorcycling while being safe. On the other hand, we even help members and participants in training for Motocross and other similar sports. For this, we have various tracks which can give you professional training as and when you like. Moreover, we even have coaches who can guide you through this particular sport and help bring out the best Motocross racer in you.

To make sure that people stay engaged with the activities of the club we have a news section as well. This particular news section will give you all the relevant information about activities held during a year. Usually, these updates are made using social media and our website. Besides with help of this news channel we also publish the seasonal results regarding all the events and competitions held by us.